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We will no longer be listing our available properties on this front page. Please log in to your account every week during the bidding cycle: Thursday to Monday, to check which properties are available for bidding.

Please do not try to gain access to view any listed properties as they are still tenanted.

Please note that when you are offered a property, if you accept the property, you will now need to provide a current letter from your employer, to prove that you still work in the City Square Mile, this will need to be provided when you sign up for the tenancy. 

Occasionally, we may need to withdraw advertised properties from the Choice Based Lettings Scheme. This could happen for a variety of reasons, for example the existing tenant decided not to move, or the property needed unforeseen repairs.  If this happens to the property you have bid for then we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

There is a scheme available called housingmoves which was introduced by the Greater London Authority.  This scheme allows Local Authority or Housing Association tenants to move from one borough to the next. If you are a City of London tenant and you are interested in this scheme you can contact the Housing Needs Team on 020 7332 1654 for more information or you can have a look at the website on

If you are interested in a Mutual Exchange, swapping your property with another tenant, then you can register with HomeSwapper, this is only available for tenants with a Local Authority or Housing Association. the web address to register is

You will be contacted only if your bid is successful on tuesday or after, depending when, the flats are ready.

City of London Choice Based Lettings scheme is run by Home Connections. All vacant City of London properties have been advertised since this time and the information is updated on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in applying on the City of London Housing Register, please complete the Self-Assessment, which is for potential applicants to receive a realistic indication of their priority for housing.

Properties will be available for bidding each week from Thursday to Monday. For details of how to bid and how the scheme works, read the PDF user guide and the User Guide Hints and tips tab. 

Short-listing and being invited to view property

Offers are made to bidders whom have the highest priority points and you will only be contacted for a viewing if your points are at this level.

If you are regularly in the top 5 of the bid list, you must make sure you are available for us to call you during 9.30am to 5pm in the next few days after the bid cycle has closed. (closes every Monday 23.59pm).

We aim to make the offers within 2 days after the bidding cycle has closed.

We will offer the property to the person who is first on the list.If they turn it down or are bypassed, we will offer it to the second person and so on.

If we are unable to reach you or you are unable to visit at the allocated time, it may mean the property is offered to the next person on the list.

You will only be contacted for a viewing if your points are at this level.

  • If you have rent arrears your bid will be by-passed.
  • If you have a notified us of a change of circumstances and we have not had back the full information, bid will be by-passed.
  • If your application is suspended for any reason, bid will be by-passed.

If we make you an offer, you MUST make an appointment to visit the property immediately.

There may be reasons why you cannot visit straight away but as soon as you are offered a viewing, you must make yourself available as if you are unable to visit at the allocated time, it may mean the property is offered to the next person on the list.

When you view the property you will be expected to make a decision AT THAT TIME. You will not have time to think about it.

You must give the estate staff your answer so we can either offer it to the next person on the list or arrange for the tenancy agreement to be printed.

Turn around times are very fast as we cannot have properties empty for long periods of time.

If you accept, it is likely you will need to move within 2 weeks of viewing the property so be prepared.

Properties are accepted as seen.

There may be works to be done and these should be explained to you by the estate staff.

You are expected to decorate or make the property fit for your personal habitation after you move in. Any major changes such as fittings or fixtures need to be authorised by the estate management.

You will need to make your own arrangements for moving in and decorating.

City of London has a responsibility for repair and maintenance if supplied or fitted by us. These cover items such as:

  • Structure and Exterior
  • Water, Gas and Electric installation. (supply comes from the relevant supplier such as British Gas)
  • Bathrooms, Toilets and Kitchens that are supplied by us.
  • Heating and Water systems that are supplied by us.
  • Lifts and entry phone systems

Remember if you wish to make any changes to your property such as fittings or fixtures including doors and kitchens etc, these works need to be authorised by the estate management.

Before You Place a Bid


ONLY place a bid if you are willing to live in that property and estate

Placing a bid is your acceptance to view and viewing a property counts as an offer.

You can only turn down 3 properties before your application is suspended.

READ the FULL PROPERTY INFORMATION before you place a bid

This will tell you information about the property.

Click on the link to read the "full property info"

You need to check information such as: the floor height and whether there is lift access.

Not all of our estates have lifts and can go up 4 floors. If you have a problem with stairs make sure you check this information each time, before you bid.

It will also tell you which estate it is on, what type of heating it has, the weekly rent and any other important information such as if it is a Housing Association Nomination property or has age or any other restrictions.

If you are unsure, call the Housing Options Team before you place your bid to ask any questions.

Make sure you are available

If you are regularly in the top 5 of the bid list, please make sure you are available for us to call you in the next few days after the bid cycle. If we are unable to reach you or you are unable to visit at the allocated time, it may mean the property is offered to the next person on the list.

You will only be contacted for a viewing if your points are at this level.

If you are a City of London tenant and have rent arrears your bid will be by-passed and we will NOT call you.

Contact details

Please make sure we have your current mobile and a daytime telephone number for you or your partner. If we are unable to contact you to make an offer, it may mean you are bypassed and the property is offered to the next person on the list.

You can call us to provide updated information or use the online "CONTACT INFO" form.

Contact Info form on the webiste

Due to high levels of contact we are unable to respond to queries that are sent to the CONTACT INFO form on the website.

Please call the Housing Options Team to discuss any queries you may have or email us on [email protected]

We will often respond by letter to any detailed query, therefore please allow time for this.

Other Housing Options

Demand for Council and Housing Association homes in City of London far exceeds supply. Get more advice on your housing options

Supply and Demand

Waiting times for social housing are very long and it is likely to be a number of years before you receive a successful bid due to low supply and high demand.

This means you need to make informed choices about your current or alternative accommodation.

Checking your bid position at the early stages of your application is one way of estimating your waiting time and gauging your position on the list; see below for further information on how to do this.


Vacancies and Waiting Times


With fewer vacancies and increasing demand for social housing it is very hard to predict how long you might have to wait until you are rehoused.

If you call us for advice we will explain as best we can, however our estimations are based on the housing trend at the time and this varies year on year.

Here are some facts from January to December 2010

Out of 1184 names on our waiting list 235 joined us in the last year. Only 149 flats have become empty during this time and they are broken down as follows: Based on the average person who is open to any of our estates and floor levels, waiting time is currently estimated as follows:
1-bedroom 43
2-bedroom 35
3-bedroom 23
4-bedroom 0
Studio Flat/Bedsit Between 5 and 8 years
1 Bed Flat Between 4 and 6 years
2 Bed Flat Between 7 and 10 years
3 Bed Flat In excess of 10 years
4 Bed Flat In excess of 15 years

For applicants who do not have a local connection to this authority your waiting time will be considerably longer than those who do have a connection. It is unlikely you will be rehoused without a local connection.

Local connection to our authority is by working or living within the City square mile. This connection is based on an applicant's current circumstances therefore can be subject to change. We must always be advised of changes to your circumstances and we make periodic checks to ensure the register is up to date.

We recommend that you apply to other housing authorities that are local to you to increase your rehousing opportunities.

There are 33 London boroughs you can register with but you will have more priority with the boroughs located where you live and/or where you work. They will have their own application criteria, bidding/allocation system and housing options.

Who We House

We keep a list of people who are in need of housing called the Housing Register.

To join this list you must be a qualifying person, that is, not have restrictions on your right to live in the United Kingdom.

At this present time, anyone can apply to register on the City of London?s Housing Register. However those applicants who live or work within the boundaries of the City square mile or live at home with their parents on a City of London estate will receive more priority than those who have no connection with this area.

Please note that waiting time for applicants with a local connection is very long due to high demand and low supply. This means it is unlikely you will be able to receive assistance without a connection to this borough as you are likely to need to wait in excess of 15 years or more to accrue the necessary about of priority points.

You can apply to the housing authorities which you do have a local connection to as this may increase your rehousing options.

Applicants, who owe the City of London rent or service charges, for a residential property that they have previously lived in, are able to join the register, but unless there are special circumstances attached to their application, it will be suspended until the amount owed is repaid.

People who own their own home or have a financial interest in a property do not qualify for social housing.

If you move house, have a baby or your circumstances change in any other way whilst you are on the register please let us know immediately so we can update your application.

If we refuse to accept you on the register or remove you from the register without your consent you may appeal against our decision.

Qualifying People

To be eligible to register, you must be 18 or older and you must have British Passport, or Leave to Remain status that entitles you to public funds.

Special rules apply to street sleepers, people nominated by the Social Services Department and applicants in prison, the armed forces or specific hostels.

How we assess your application

When you apply to come onto our list we ask you to complete a housing application form. From the details you provide we will assess your ?housing need?.

This will rank you on the list according to the number of priority points you have been given. (A copy of the priority points is provided with your application pack and Housing guide)

We will not normally allow new tenants to live in housing which is smaller than the assessed standard.

Let us know if your children stay with you part time, as special rules may apply.

Housing Options for Tenants

Demand for Council and Housing Association homes in City of London far exceeds supply. Get more advice on your housing options


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