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Welcome to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Choice-Based Lettings Scheme.


Please note, Due to the major incident at Grenfell Tower W10 there will be no properties advertised on this website for the forseeable future.



Penalties for Refusing an Offer of Suitable Accommodation

In accordance with the Housing Allocation Scheme, February 2017 applicants who refuse an offer of suitable housing whether by choice based lettings or direct offer will be issued with a first refusal letter. Applicants who refuse two properties at any time will be suspended from bidding or 12 months. For further information please refer to the attached document.

Rent Payment in Advance

Many landlords are now asking that prospective tenants pay rent in advance when signing the tenancy. The attached leaflet provides information on different landlord’s requirement.


Are you living in temporary accommodation provided by this Council? Would you like financial assistance in renting a home in the private sector? The attached leaflet provides full information on a pilot scheme that we are running to enable you to find your own home in an area of your choice. Leaflet attached.

Important information about the changes to social housing







Housing Allocation Scheme February 2017

Housing Advice

Housing Allocation Scheme summary leaflet