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Explore your housing options and find a new home

If you are a council tenant and interested in moving to a smaller home, the Mobility Team can help you.  Contact the Mobility Team on 020 7974 5801. 

The Housing Options and Advice Service will provide advice and assistance to people looking for somewhere to live.

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Contact Housing Options and Advice Service

Camden runs the London wide Landlord accreditation scheme we can help you find opportunities in the private sector quickly and without a long wait for housing

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Welcome to Camden's Choice Based Lettings Scheme


Choice-based lettings is the method used by Camden to allocate its homes. Properties are available each week and you can bid for the available homes advertised. You can bid any time – day or night using either the website www.camden.gov.uk/homeconnections, telephone bidding or by texting your bid using your mobile telephone. Your bidding position depends on your points level and not when you place your bids, so bids can be place up to midnight on Mondays. Bidding opens on Thursday and closes at midnight on Monday.


Camden Council is changing the way it allocates its social housing. Find out how this may affect you.


Military Personnel


From November 2012, local authorities are required to give extra priority for social housing to the following groups, where they have other ground for priority - for example, because they are facing homelessness, living in overcrowded accommodation or need to move on medical grounds:


  • current members of the armed forces who have suffered injury, illness or disability as a result of their service,
  • former members of the armed forces,
  • spouses or civil partners of members of the armed forces who are facing homelessness from Ministry of Defence accommodation because their spouse or civil partner died as a result of their service and
  • members of the reserve forces who have suffered injury, illness or disability as a result of their service.


We are in the course of updating our self-assessment from so that it asks questions that will establlish whether applicants fall into one of these groups and are therefore entitaled to the extra priority.   Meanwhile, if you believe that you may be entitled to this extra priority, then please contact the Allocations Service after you have completed or updated the self-assessment form.  You can speak to the Verification Duty Officer on 020 7974 1150 or email housing.verification@camden.gov.uk.


Housing Moves

Camden joined Housing Moves on 3 September 2012. Housing Moves is run by the Greater London Authority and aimed at council tenants and housing association tenants living in London who need to move to other parts of London to be near family or to be nearer their place of work. Non-social housing tenants will not be able to participate in the scheme.  Please visit the Housing Moves website and take a look at the guidance note we have produced for further information.


Housing Benefit Bedroom Tax and Universal Credit

From April 2013, if you live in a council or housing association home the number of bedrooms that you can receive Housing Benefit for will depend on how many people live in your home and their age and whether they are male or female - this differs from how many bedrooms Camden may have assessed you for.

If you have one or more 'spare' bedrooms, or move to a home which is larger than you need your Housing Benefit may be reduced. This could affect you if you are 16 to 64 years old and will still apply if you only get a small amount of Housing Benefit, for example if you are working or if you are sick or disabled.

To find out if you receive a drop in your benefits as a result of these changes, and, please visit http://www.camden.gov.uk/ccm/content/community-and-living/benefit-changes/benefit-changes.en?page=6


Introductory Tenancies


Camden will offer introductory tenancies to all new Camden council tenants for the first year. This could be extended to up to 18 months if any of the tenancy conditions are broken and the council can also take action to repossess the property. If there are no problems with the tenancy, the introductory tenancy will automatically become a secure tenancy at the end of the year. This does not affect existing Camden council tenants, who will be offered secured tenancies




We have redesigned the way in which you make bids. The change allows you to review the properties you have selected before placing a bid. Once you have selected a property, it will be stored separately in a list called 'View Selected Properties'. You can then review the list and decide whether you still wish to bid for the properties or remove the property from your selection. We hope that adding this option will allow you to some extra time to review and consider the properties you wish to make bids.




Some viewings are at short notice, we usually contact you by phone, so it is very important we have your correct phone number. If you are invited to view a property you will need to bring some personal identification with you and some proof of address such as a recent utility bill. Other bidders will be viewing the property at the same time. Those invited will be in order of the number of points awarded. At the viewing you will be asked whether you want to accept the property - please consider very carefully before refusing a property. If you change your mind later, it may be too late - the property may have been offered to another bidder. We ask that you try to arrive at the viewing on time, if you are late; it is very possible that the property may be offered to someone else. We now only advertise a selection of properties in the Camden New Journal, a full list of properties available for the week is available on our website, see above.


Other housing options


The demand for our council homes far exceeds the supply. We regret we will not be able to help everybody who applies to us. Those people we can help may wait many years. Therefore we positively encourage you to consider other housing options. For more information on housing options in Camden, please go to housing options.

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